[OPINI] Challenges of The Agriculture Sector

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for a strong country
for farmers and prosperous people

Nine main focuses to consider:

1. Regeneration of the Agricultural Sector, by stimulating and encouraging agricultural scholars to take part and exist in the agricultural sector, especially on farm.

2. Management Information System to deliver fast, up-to-date, uniform, valid and integrated data, coupled with sophisticated technological support.

3. Self-reliance, food security with prosperity balanced and equitable among farmers / traders / consumers, by always paying attention to the positive and significant growth of farmer exchange rates

4. The growth of more profitable types of production (inc. Plantation-Animal Husbandry) which is able to contribute to the State, which is reflected in the contribution of GDP which is significant and prosperous.

5. Contribution of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Sector to the development of renewable energy sources.

6. Support from the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry sector in increasing domestic investment both in terms of regulation and implementation.

7. Financial Institutions that focus on financing the Agriculture sector (Bank of Agriculture) are more focused on "on farm" so that in addition to encouraging production it also contributes to the growth of investment and exports in the agricultural sector which itself contributes to GDP.

8. "Business Model" financing in the agricultural sector which is "ideal in conception and ideal in implementation" by always paying attention to aspects of "AgroSocioEconomicsTechnoEcology",
Likewise financing in the agricultural sector does not only depend on the type of program credit.

9. Gradually the State has a land area of ​​3.7 million ha (2x harvest / year) or as large as needed to ensure the fulfillment of national rice production needs, and gradually the existing land can be pushed to the types of commodities with wider margin and or to produce needs exports that make farmers prosperous, while still paying attention to the "AgroSocioEconomicsTechnoEcology" aspect.

Enjoy your work and contribute positively, by strengthening the execution and implementation.

By: Adnan Anwar
Jakarta, 25 November 2019
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